Elastomeric (EN1337-3)

EKE - Elastomeric

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USL Ekspan laminated elastomeric bearings are produced to the latest Eurocode EN1337-3:2005.  All bearings are provided as standard in 60IRHD natural rubber which encapsulates several steel and rubber layers.  Although standard sizes are shown within the literature bespoke bearings can be produced upon request.  Laminated elastomeric bearings are excellent for use on structures which have relatively low loads or movement requirements.  Once correctly installed these bearings require very little maintenance. 

Laminated elastomeric bearings consist of natural rubber layers separated by steel plates. Around this makeup a rubber cover encapsulates the bearing (Fig. 1). These items are then vulcanised to create a compact maintenance free bearing. Elastomeric bearings can absorb horizontal movements in every direction and rotational movements around every axis through elastic layers deformation. They are used for short to medium span structures.




Natural rubber is not too sensitive to changes in temperature and shows only slight growth in deformation, over the period of deformation at a constant load (low creep). Natural rubber is highly resistent against ozone, ageing, UV and chemical effects. The vulcanized steel reinforcement plates meet the requirements of BS1449.



  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Continuous functionality for providing long service life
  • Operate well at very high or very low temperatures